उधार की जिन्दगी!

झूठा झूठा मीठे बचन कहि रिन उधार लै
जाय लेत परम सुख ऊपजै लै
के दियो न जाय लै
के दियो न जाय ऊंच अरू नीच बतावै
रिन उधार की रीति माँगते मारन धावै
कह गिरधर कविराय रहै वो मन में रूठा
बहुत दिना होइ जायँ कहै तेरो कागद झूठा
The collapse of the US housing market introduced brought the word 'sub-prime' to the frontpage of every newspaper and website. The tumultous events of the last few days have affected thousands of people and have injected some more terminology in the public domain such as 'investment bank' and 'derivatives'. For a short glossary, read here . For details on the heart of the current crisis -living beyond one's means - an analysis by the Wall Street Journal. It is curiously similar to the words of Kavi Girdhar.

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