Kumbhkarna's slumber/ कुम्भकर्ण की नींद

Delhi,Varanasi,Mumbai,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Bangalore,Ahmedabad, Surat (as a warning) and today, Delhi again. The chain continues and the average hardworking Indian is reduced to think ' where next' in this series of macabre attacks. Every time there is a series of blasts, a terror group quickly claims responsibility. Sadly, the government neither accepts nor discharges its responsibility. The terror mongers have their plan all thought through. But the law enforcing authorities have none in reply.Till date, India has not been able to formulate a coherent response - political, economic, judicial or military- to the rising tide of homegrown terror. (In contrast, Italy has soldiers on the streets to fight crime). Will the country's security set up stop sleeping on the job at least now that it has struck Delhi's poshest shopping areas?

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