Yes,we can!

There is tons to read on the Web today after the epochal election of Barack Obama last night. Thomas Friedman puts it in his typical succint style:
'A civil war that, in many ways, began at Bull Run, Virginia, on July 21, 1861, ended 147 years later via a ballot box in the very same state.'
and then this interesting take on what many had feared but did not happen:
'........something of a “Buffett effect” that countered the supposed “Bradley effect” — white voters telling pollsters they’d vote for Obama but then voting for the white guy. The Buffett effect was just the opposite. It was white conservatives telling the guys in the men’s grill at the country club that they were voting for John McCain, but then quietly going into the booth and voting for Obama, even though they knew it would mean higher taxes.'
Lots to read here, here and here. Most of us will probably not visit these sites again till 2012!

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